Menu (EN)


  1. Fitfit ፍትፍት € 6
    Eritrees and Ethiopian stir-fry; finely sliced ​​injera with spiced butter, with meat or vegetarian.
  2. Kategna ቃተኛ € 6 
    A popular traditional East African appetizer consisting of roasted injera with a mixture of Berbere (pepper) and East African butter.
  3. Bruchette ኮሚደረ ብ ባኒ € 6 
    Crispy toast with tomato, onion, East African spices, pepper and garlic oil.

    Main dishes

    All main courses are served on injera, supplemented with lentils and a variety of vegetables.

  4. Zigni ዝግኒ € 16 
    Beef stewed in a spicy or mild sauce.
  5. Zilzel ዝልዝል € 17 
    Beef, with a mild or spicy sauce, rich in herbs.
  6. Derho ጸብሒ ደርሆ € 16 
    Chicken and egg in a spicy spicy red sauce. Served with Ayib (yoghurt cheese).
  7. Minchet Abish ምንቸትአብሽ € 16 
    Minced beef with spicy red sauce and egg. Served with Ayib (yoghurt cheese).
  8. Tibsi ጥብሲ 
    Beef or chicken breast  € 16
    Lamb  € 18
    With tomatoes, onion, green pepper and East African spices.
     Order mild or spicy.
  9. Tibsi special ጥብሲ ስፕሻል € 20 
    Beef, lamb or chicken breast, with tomatoes, onion, green pepper and East African spices. Served in a traditional hot pot.
  10. Kitfo ክትፎ € 17 
    Finely chopped spicy beef, very light or medium pan fried.
  11. Gored Gored ጎረድ ጎረድ € 17 
    Steak cut into spicy sauce.
  12. Alcha B sga ኣልቻ ብ ስጋ € 16 
    Lamb or beef with stewed potato, paprika and carrot.
  13. Hwswas Asmara ህውስዋስ ኣስመራ € 22
    Combination of the dishes:
    – nr.8  Tibsi (beef)
    – nr.12 Alcha B sga (lamb)
    – nr.4  Zigni    or    nr.6  Derho
  14. Tibsi Asa   ጥብሲ ዓሳ       € 19
    Pan fried white fish with onion, tomatoes, green pepper and East African spices.

    Vegetarian main dishes

    Also ordered as a vegan dish.

  15. Shiro € 14,50 
    Ground chickpeas with light spicy herbs.
  16. Hamli ሓምሊ € 13,50
    Spinach with East African herbs.
  17. Tumtumo ቱምቱሞ € 13,50
    Lentils with traditionally seasoned sauce.
  18. Alcha ኣልጫ € 13,50
    Stewed potato, paprika and carrot.
  19. Okra ባምያ  € 13,50 
    Okra in East African seasoned sauce
  20. Tsebhi Duba ጸብሒ ዱባ € 13,50 
    Pumpkin in East African seasoned sauce.
  21. Nay tsom hwswas ናይ ጾም ሕዉስዋስ € 19
    Combination of vegetarian / vegan dishes.