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Welcome to East African restaurant Asmara.

Visit a different setting, experience the African warmth, taste an other culture.

In our restaurant in the center of Eindhoven we serve dishes from the East African cuisine of Eritrea and Ethiopia (a.o.).

See the range of our extensive and authentic tradition on the Menu.


The basis of our meals is the injera. This is a pancake based on sourdough, usually made from sorghum* or teff-flour **. Several dishes and sauces are served at the injera. These are eaten together with the injera, without the use of cutlery.

* Wikipedia:
Sorghum starch does not contain gluten. This makes it a possible grain for those who are gluten sensitive.”

** Wikipedia: “Although teff contains gluten, it is suitable for people with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) because it does not contain the harmful gluten fraction.”
We use different sorts of flour, you can ask us which one is being used today.


For a cup of freshly roasted and traditionally made coffee you can visit restaurant Asmara, after a meal, or just inbetween.